CLS2022 Videos


“The Pandemic and Young People’s Media Use and Learning”

– CLS2022 Opening Plenary (Asia/Australia) –

“Towards Digital Modus Vivendi: Living Together Through Connections”

– CLS2022 Closing Keynote (Asia/Australia) – 

“Staying Connected, Fueling Innovation, Affirming Core Values”

– CLS2022 Opening Plenary (US) –

“Literacy and Legend-Making”

– CLS2022 Closing Keynote (US) – 

Research Papers

“Creative Storytelling With Machine Learning: New Pathway Into AI Education”

“Fabric Crafts in Soft Robotics Toward Connected Engineering Learning”

“Methods of Engaging Teens in Conversations about Personal Digital Data: Public Library Context”

“Social, Emotional, and Cultural Supports for STEM Equity”

“Unlocking Hidden Rules of Office Hours: A Game Jam on the First-Gen College Students’ Experiences”

“Using Paper Circuits in Elementary Schools to Promote Understanding of Sustainable Commuting”


“A Demonstration of Universal Design Methodologies for Creating Inclusive and Accessible Games”

“A Guide to Centering Student Feedback as The Driver of Creative Learning With Emerging Technologies”

“Kid-Powered, Self-Directed Learning: Building a Learner-Led Experience on Outschool”

“Making Connections Across Settings to Support STEM Learning Transitions for Middle School Girls”

“Power On! A Graphic Novel and Educator Resources Addressing Equity and Ethics in Computing Education”

“The Formation of a Library Makerspace Collective as an Inclusive Member-driven Organization”

“Turning Ideas into Action in 4 Pilot Classrooms. I am 14 and I Can Be a Game Developer.”

“Using Digital Dilemmas to Explore the Complexities of Online Life”

“ZubHub – a New Creative Collaboration and Showcasing Platform”

“Telematic Bridges / Puentes Telemáticos, Colombia/USA (2022 intro)”